Creating a new DApp

If you want to create a blank new app.

$ embark new AppName
$ cd AppName

To run Embark then in one console run:

$ embark blockchain

And in another console run:

$ embark run

DApp Structure

app/ # dapp code
contracts/ #smart contracts
  |___ blockchain.json #rpc and blockchain configuration
  |___ contracts.json  #ethereum contracts configuration
  |___ storage.json  #ipfs configuration
  |___ communication.json  #whisper/orbit configuration
  |___ webserver.json  #dev webserver configuration
  |___ #contracts tests
  |___ # build folder
chains.json #keeps track of deployments in each chain

Solidity files in the contracts directory will automatically be deployed with embark run. Changes in any files will automatically be reflected in app, changes to contracts will result in a redeployment and update of their JS Bindings