Usage - Demo

You can easily create a sample working DApp with the following:

$ embark demo
$ cd embark_demo

You can run a REAL ethereum node for development purposes:

$ embark blockchain

Alternatively, to use an ethereum rpc simulator simply run:

$ embark simulator

By default embark blockchain will mine a minimum amount of ether and will only mine when new transactions come in. This is quite usefull to keep a low CPU. The option can be configured at config/blockchain.json. Note that running a real node requires at least 2GB of free ram, please take this into account if running it in a VM.

Then, in another command line:

$ embark run

This will automatically deploy the contracts, update their JS bindings and deploy your DApp to a local server at http://localhost:8000

Note that if you update your code it will automatically be re-deployed, contracts included. There is no need to restart embark, refreshing the page on the browser will do.